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Kapow Katalyst:
Business Process Automation Software Solutions


Automate manual interactions with web data for higher efficiency, data accuracy, and profit

When it comes to working with enterprise, partner, supplier, and public web applications, most companies are still doing business by using labor-intensive manual processes. You can often find knowledge workers at these companies laboriously cutting and pasting data between two or more applications or spreadsheets, especially in the functional areas of HR, B2B communication, purchasing, and compliance reporting. Not really the best use of their time.

Kapow automates these browser-centric manual processes — every keyboard stroke and mouse click — to free your staff for higher-value work. By exploiting the user interface layer rather than going deep into the application code or database, Kapow can automate any manual process that interacts with web applications, Excel spreadsheets or PDF documents, such as supplier shopping, supply chain management, partner data integration, web application integration, financial account aggregation, IT systems reporting, or internal HR processes. By automating the extraction, transformation, integration and migration of the data you need, Kapow eliminates the human error often introduced in repetitive tasks, ensuring higher data quality while improving efficiency and productivity and reducing costs.

Process Automation Software Sub Solutions: