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Kapow for Screening and Risk Management Services


Reduce turnaround with Kapow automated, real-time, web intelligence for screening and risk management services.


Kapow software for screening and risk management services enables companies and service providers to automatically access information about individuals and feel confident about the accuracy of the information being delivered. As a provider of background checks and other risk management services, human resource personnel, banks, insurance companies, corporations, in fact, anyone involved with risk management depends on access to a wide variety of information to assist in screening and risk-based decisions. Today, risk management providers can leverage available data such as criminal records, real estate valuations, credit ratings, public tax and corporate financial filings from public websites to increase the accuracy of their background checks.

Access High Quality Information

With Kapow you can automatically monitor online resources in real-time to extract, transform and deliver high quality, structured information directly to your risk management solution. Get faster turnaround and better accuracy with Kapow for Screening and Risk Management Services.

Improve Screening Accuracy

With Kapow you can replace error-prone manual processes with automated records checks that can access thousands of data sources to verify an individual’s background data.

Speed-up Turnaround Time

By using automated web-based record retrieval from online data you can dramatically improve the quality of your screening services with highly accurate results.

Access Criminal Files

Kapow supports full extraction of local, state and federal criminal files including sex offender registry and national sex offender registry libraries.


Minimize Losses and Penalties

Eliminate erroneous background checks that can result in fraud, regulatory penalties and the loss of business.

Eliminate the Need for Costly IT Personnel

Develop robotic automation processes to automatically run complex integrations and access disparate online resources without the need for costly and time-consuming coding.

Get a Quick Return On Investment

Kapow’s no coding approach allows screening and risk management providers to deliver superior services to their customers while providing a quicker return on their investment.