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Kapow for Data Aggregation

Monitor, extract, and deliver information from multiple sources with enterprise integration and automation.

Kapow software for data aggregation enables information providers and media organizations to monitor, extract and deliver market intelligence, financial data, and news information from diverse sources on the web. Today, information is continuously updated and posted to the web before any other form of dissemination. Kapow keeps information aggregators and news publishers competitive, by providing near real-time monitoring of massive amounts of web information. With Kapow you get cost-effective web data extraction, integration and automation to drive your information services and offerings. Kapow provides precision data extraction to insure accuracy and help drive down costs, while commanding high value for the information you provide.

Deliver Highly Targeted Information

Kapow provides multiple ways to extract information from millions of news and government sites, web portals, and corporate websites.


Introduce new offerings and Services

By using Kapow’s easy-to-use automated robots news organizations can extract content from niche and multi-lingual sources to rapidly offer new products and services.


Offer Unique and High Value Content

By using automation to apply context and normalize content, information providers and news organizations can enrich their content and deliver it to their customers.


Eliminate the Need for Costly IT Personnel

Develop robotic processes to automatically run complex integrations and access disparate online resources without the need for costly and time-consuming coding.


Improve Content Accuracy

Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual methods of information acquisition by replacing them with automated processes to access and integrate accurate and up to date information.


Get a Quick Return On Investment

Kapow data aggregation solutions enable information providers and news organizations to automate and integrate content into their operations while providing a rapid return on investment.