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Kapow for Government


Increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve citizen services with Kapow enterprise integration and automation.

Kapow software for government provides an agile and practical way to access and integrate information from government portals and public websites for a variety of government applications. With Kapow, agencies can rapidly implement automated, adaptable work processes that foster collaboration and provide continuous improvement in service delivery to their constituents. Kapow is a secure, scalable data integration and automation platform that enables government departments and agencies to easily integrate applications without the need for custom programming. It is ideal for information integration and automation for citizen benefits, research, media analysis, open-source intelligence, and information sharing between departments and agencies.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Integrate and automate information from disparate applications and data sources including government portals and websites to speed processing and optimize performance.


Facilitate Deep Web Access

With Kapow, automated workflows can be built without any coding to provide authentication credentials to access open source data that is buried within dynamically generated or protected web sites.


Improve Data Extraction and Workflows

Kapow offers multi-server configurations that scale to support high volume data extraction and automated workflows that can easily be modified to perform targeted data extraction.


Improve Service to Constituents

Integrate citizen information from the web, across departments and between agencies while automating processes to improve service delivery.


Access Multiple Data Types

Kapow can extract web text, Office documents, PDFs, flat files, images, audio, video, and even files accessible via FTP or other non-HTTP protocols.


Optimize the Benefits Delivery Cycle

Kapow integration and automation can speed the benefits eligibility process while enhancing inter-agency communications to shorten the benefits delivery cycle.