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Kapow for Mobile Application Integration


A no-coding, accelerated approach to integrating data with mobile applications

Kapow software for mobile application integration enables developers to deliver an enhanced mobile experience by providing real-time access to back-end systems and multiple information sources (e.g., websites, web portals, databases). Mobile integration solutions from Kapow deliver a no-coding approach to application integration, enabling developers to deliver on business requirements in a fraction of the time it would take other mobile development tools. It is designed to facilitate integration between applications and systems that are not typically mobile friendly. With Kapow, you can keep up with the volume, variety and velocity of data required to power today’s most robust mobile applications.

Get Mobile Access to Any Web Data Source

Integrate any web application with mobile clients and deliver interactive, bi-directional communication between applications and the mobile client.

Reduce Complexity and Costs on Mobile Development

Avoid costly and complex integrations by orchestrating mobile connections with easy-to-use web interfaces.

Accelerate Time to Market

With a no-code design approach, Kapow reduces mobile application integration development and deployment time from weeks or months to days, or even hours, and eliminates manual operations.


Quickly Adapt to Changing Business Conditions

Kapow enables you to adapt to new market opportunities and changing business requirements by quickly adding new web data sources to meet the demands of business.

Reduce Development Costs and Resources

Kapow’s revolutionary approach to mobile integration overcomes the barriers of integrating your mobile applications with legacy systems and external data sources that are not mobile friendly.

Engage Customers in Real-Time

Optimize the customer experience by supporting mobile engagement and deliver more services via your customers’ preferred channel of communication.