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Kapow for Brand Monitoring

Gain real-time insights into your brand, customers, products and competitors from any website or social network.


Kapow software for brand monitoring enables you to stay current on what customers are saying about your organization and its products on blogs, customer review sites, and other social media networks. By automatically monitoring data from thousands of sites, companies can get a more holistic view of their customers, allowing them to respond to customer issues in near real-time. By leveraging Kapow, all of this information can be easily extracted and integrated into your business applications and analytic tools to give you a complete and accurate view of brand sentiment. This helps marketing teams target campaigns, generate new leads for sales and monitor brand commentary on social channels.

Learn more about your brand, products, customers and competitors
Before Kapow, gathering information on your brand and competitors was a labor-intensive and time-consuming task. Today, Kapow automatically extracts clean and accurate data to help deliver reliable, actionable insights regarding your brand and competitive brands. In addition, this business intelligence allows you to engage with your customers and prospects as well as competitive customers. It is an ideal way to learn exactly what they want and how you can improve your products and services to be more competitive.

Gain Valuable Customer Insight

By automatically acquiring valuable information from social networks, companies gain valuable insights into the user experience and provides a more holistic view of customers.

Respond to Customers in Real-time

Kapow provides companies with the unique opportunity to respond to existing and potential customers in real-time by answering questions through a familiar platform.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Companies across all industries--from retail to media and entertainment, hospitality and telecommunications--can leverage brand information to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.


Monitor Competitive Brands

Thanks to the real-time and public nature of social media, you can monitor not only your brands, but those of your competitors and their customers as well.

Learn Brand Share of Mind

By tracking social media content you can determine how frequently your brands and products are mentioned to learn your company’s share of mind versus your competitors’.

Increase Sales and the Bottom Line

Kapow helps to generate leads, expand knowledge of the market and build brand equity––all while increasing sales and profits.