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Kapow for Investment Research


Gain a competitive advantage with real-time data feeds, and custom financial and market information.

Kapow software for investment research helps investment analyst teams broaden their reach by allowing them to access information from government portals and other public sites that can be leveraged to create a unique competitive advantage. Kapow helps you stay informed by automating data extraction from web feeds that are constantly updated with new and valuable information, including vast amounts of sector and government data, news, blogs, and operational data (e.g., product availability, pricing, manufacturing capacity, inventories, and hiring activity). With Kapow, you can create new data feeds to meet your needs as well as deliver data in real-time directly into your business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Providing Real-Time Business Intelligence

Kapow for Investment Research helps analyst teams automatically access information where other technologies fall short. It can help keep up with research demands and the evolving variety of data available without the need for costly manual processing. With Kapow, research teams automatically get up-to-the-second information and metrics that can be used to support predictive trend analysis, which in turn provide valuable information effecting buy/sell decisions, and faster entry into new markets.

The Kapow integration and automation platform enables organizations to surgically extract information from previously unattainable or difficult to integrate data sources and transforms that information into decision-making insight--which can be innovatively leveraged to evaluate market conditions and predict trends for more profitable investment decisions.

Gain Visibility Into Sector and Company Performance

Broaden your research and gain insight into critical data such as retail pricing, inventory concerns, product availability, manufacturing capacity, hiring activity and demographic analysis.


Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Work

Automate research project requirements and deadlines to collect, cleanse, and enrich data from multiple sources.


Increase Research Depth

Increase the depth and quality of your research by targeting specific information sources and topics that support your investment strategies.


Leverage Valuable Public Data

Uncover value in public, web-based, information in near real-time to support better investment decisions.


Support Investment Ideas and Decisions

Support decision-making through a continual stream of up-to-date web data and monitor market opportunities for a clearer picture of changing markets and business conditions.


Identify and Enter New Markets

Accelerate entry into new markets by monitoring and identifying outliers and hidden opportunities.