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Kapow for IP Protection and Fraud Detection


Fight media piracy and protect against lost revenue with automated IP protection and fraud detection.

Kapow software for IP Protection and fraud detection gives you the ability to automatically monitor and collect evidence from pirated downloads and BitTorrent sites that facilitate the linking of copyrighted material without the authorization of the copyright holder. Today, intellectual property and media piracy on the web accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars in lost revenue annually. With Kapow companies can automatically access and integrate high volumes of data scattered across multiple channels to identify dubious downloads and use.

Kapow enables users to review both current and historical transaction information to identify non-conforming activities and eliminate the illegal use of intellectual property.

Detect and Remove Unauthorized Content

With Kapow organizations can automatically search thousands of web sites to detect and remove unauthorized content to minimize revenue losses.

Increase Search Coverage

By collecting information in any language from websites worldwide and transforming that information into structured data companies can quickly identify the use of unauthorized content.

Monitor More Than Just Media and Software Downloads

Kapow can also help companies guard against copyright and trademark infringement as well as the illegal use of patents and trade secrets.


Protect Brand Equity

By eliminating the illegal use of intellectual property you can maintain the quality and reputation of your brands.

Eliminate the Need for Costly IT Development

Develop robotic automation processes to automatically search thousands of websites for IP violations without the need for costly and time-consuming coding.