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Web Information Integration Solutions


Enabling business agility via data-driven decision making

Market information has become a critical competitive factor for many companies. This information is gathered, integrated and distributed across the organization, enabling timely data-driven decision-making. Business users achieve new insight to identify market opportunities, define market penetration strategies, monitor their brand, and protect against fraud, making it possible to beat the competition, delight customers, and predict changing market conditions more rapidly.

Valuable market intelligence information is scattered across a wide variety of internal and external sources. These include government, e-commerce and partner sites, social media, competitor websites, cloud applications, and enterprise applications. They all contain data that can add tremendous value to companies' analytics, intelligence and information services.

With Kapow's information integration and automation platform, critical market intelligence information can be acquired, integrated and delivered into the hands of decision makers rapidly and cost effectively, removing common barriers related to data access, time-to-value and cost.

Competitive Intelligence & Price Monitoring

Automatically monitor and react to competitive moves and pricing in real-time. Leverage information for competitive advantage by monitoring inventory, pricing, and customer behavior on millions of SKUs.

Data Aggregation

Monitor, extract, and deliver market intelligence, financial data, and news information from diverse sources on the web such as media sites, newspapers and government sites.

Brand Monitoring

Stay current on what customers are saying about you organization and products on blogs, customer review sites, and other social media networks.

Investment Research

Broaden your reach by accessing information from government portals and other public sites that can be leveraged to create a unique competitive advantage.

Screening & Risk Management Services

Automatically access and leverage available data such as criminal records, real estate valuations, credit ratings, public tax and corporate financial filings from public websites to increase the accuracy of screening services.

IP & Fraud Detection

Deliver an enhanced mobile experience by providing real-time access to back-end systems and multiple information sources (e.g., websites, web portals, databases).

Mobile Applications

Automatically acquire data from any website and integrate it with internal sources such as CRM systems to give your sales team a competitive advantage.

Sales Intelligence

Access and integrate information from government portals and public websites for a variety of government applications.

Government Solutions

Access and integrate information from government portals and public websites for a variety of government applications.